Championship Day

by Jack Healey
Congratulations to all the high school football state champions:
Burr and Burton in Division 1
Brattleboro in Division 2
Poultney in Division 3
When it was all said and done Burr and Burton went from division 2 to Division 1 and Brattleboro went from Division 1 to Division 2 and both won state championships.
Brattleboro winning a Division 2 state title and probably would’ve been in the middle of the pack in Division 1.
I can’t wait to see how New Hampshire reacts to both St. Johnsbury’s Trey Alercio and Burr and Burton’s Joey McCoy in the Shrine Game. What a show they put on in the Division 1 state title game. They both ain’t bad defensively either.
I finished 2-1 in the championship pickings and finish up the 2019 season with a record of 107-32.
Interesting family connection on state championship day on Saturday.
Brattleboro’s Gerry Morrison who was a member of Brattleboro’s 1965 state championship team has two grandsons who won state championships with two different teams. His grandson Trevor Morrison is a member of Brattleboro’s Division 2 state championship team and his grandson Jack Morrison is a member of Burr and Burton’s Division 1 state championship team.
KUDOS again to Rutland High for running another high school football championship day to perfection on a crisp,but beautiful day. The Rutland Sports Boosters, the staff and all the volunteers all did a tremendous job!
Also again on Veteran’s Day weekend the honor the Veterans and present day military ceremony before each of the games was superb. Well done Rutland! You were outstanding!