Bob Kraft…We Hardly Knew Ye

By Jack Healey
All we know right now is that Bob Kraft solicited a prostitute. A stupid thing for him to do, certainly embarrassing and if I ever have a chance to talk to him I would ask..”What the hell were you thinking?”
Right now it is a misdemeanor, not a felony and even though I’m sure the NFL will have some kind of punishment and it will be something like fines and suspensions, but it won’t be football related. The Patriots will not be losing draft choices. Some people have said he should lose the franchise or the Patriots should lose all their draft choices. That of course is ridiculous.
What Kraft did was seamy and disgusting, but again right now that’s all we know!
All that being said let me make it clear that if he is involved in anyway more seriously than just being an unaware “customer”, it’s an entirely different ball game.
We would be talking about something a lot more serious. Let’s see what happens.
Reports are that there are more famous people involved than Bob Kraft. I’ve seen the preliminary list that has appeared on the internet and I don’t recognize any of the names except Kraft.
I admit I have googled “prominent people who live in Jupiter, Florida.” Haven’t you?
On a different subject yesterday was the 39th anniversary of the USA defeating Finland in the hockey olympic gold medal game at Lake Placid on February 24th, 1980. The famous “Do you believe in miracles” game against the Russians was not the gold medal game, it was the game to get to the gold medal game. I was at the gold medal game and the ticket simply said mens hockey 11 AM Sunday February 24th, 1980. Who knew? That was a tough game which The US won by a score of 4-2. The US was trailing 2-1 after two periods.If the US didn’t complete the deal against Finland to win the gold medal, the game against the Russians would’ve been just a foot note in history. No movies, no books, no nothing!
Did I keep the ticket stub from that game? No I didn’t! Stupid me! I didn’t keep the ticket stub from seeing the Beatles in person in 1966 either! Again stupid me!