Bob Kraft And Bryce Harper and Cheer leading!

By Jack Healey
So Bob Kraft pleaded not guilty. It looks like he’s going to get all lawyered up and prolong this thing.
I think Kraft should apologize and say he made a stupid mistake and take the punishment, but of course they never do!
No doubt Bryce Harper is a great player and he will probably hit about 65 home runs a year in that Philly ball park, but 13 years at 330 million dollars? Good for him, but many times those types of contracts don’t end well.
Jason Witten wasn’t great in the NFL Monday night booth and he wasn’t terrible, but he’s a better tight end.
Rutland High has won five straight Division 1 state cheer leading championships and Mill River has won two straight Division 2 state titles. It’s tough to do in any sport, but especially tough in a sport that is subjective and depends on judging.
If you don’t think cheer leading is a sport then you try it. It aint easy!
It’s a great time of the year for high school sports isn’t it?