Baseball and Football

By Jack Healey
Yankee fans can rationalize all they want. There is one winner and everybody else loses. That is the harsh reality in pro sports. It doesn’t matter that the Yankees finished way ahead of the Red Sox. They didn’t make it to the World Series, let alone win it. Fans rationalize by saying it was a great season etc. because it makes them feel better. It’s as simple as that.
Did anybody notice that the winning pitcher Houston’s Roberto Osuna and the losing pitcher Aroldis Chapman of the Yankees in game 6 both at one time were suspended for violating major league baseball’s domestic abuse policy?
I correctly predicted the League championship series. I had Washington in 6 and they of course won in 4 and I had Houston in 6 and they indeed won in 6. I love all this great starting pitching in the World Series and I’m going with Washington in 7.
I went 11-3 in the high school football picks and now stand at 81-28 as we go to the playoffs.
I went 8-6 in the NFL week #7 and I now stand at 60-45.
The Burlington girls soccer team is being commended for wearing the “Equal Pay” tee-shirts and well they should be. Four Burlington players were given yellow cards for revealing the jerseys under their game jerseys during the game. I hope people realize that it is against the rules to take off your uniform top no matter what might be written on a tee-shirt. That being said, I wonder what the reaction might’ve been if a team wore t-shirts that showed support for the 2nd amendment or something like that.