The london Series And Megan Rapinoe

By Jack Healey
The London Series is over and quite frankly it ended the way I thought it would. All in all it was a very successful event and the Cubs and Cards will play there next year, but as somebody pointed out to me on Saturday if London loves baseball so much why was it dropped from the 2012 Summer Olympics?
Mike Lupica tweeted yesterday that it isn’t about the Red Sox bullpen being overworked. The Red Sox bullpen just isn’t very good and I agree.
Megan Rapinoe apologized for using the F word when explaining that she wasn’t going to the White House. Even though my blog criticizing her was published on Friday after she apologized which was apparently Thursday night, I had actually written it on Thursday afternoon.
True that the original statement was made in an interview last January so some people think that makes a difference. I disagree. Why wouldn’t the statement be brought up now? The World Cup is going on now.
Also on the National Anthem protests it was pointed out that Rapinoe first knelt during the Anthem three years ago in support of Colin Kaepernick and her protests are nothing new and the only reason it’s been talked about now is because President Trump has brought it up. That’s true, but again so what? I’ve written before that this is different because this is a team representing the USA and it’s bigger than any individual. By the way when Rapinoe first protested it was during a womens pro soccer game in Chicago before a crowd of about five and nobody noticed. The stage is bigger now. Again as usual I have to qualify my statement by saying that everybody has a right to protest. I also have a right to disagree with the protests, but so many don’t look at it that way. By the way I also have a right to bring up any subject I want to on the NSN Talk Show.It’s a two hour show and we get to everything.
All that being said Rapinoe has been great! She truly has been a special player! No doubt about that!
The NBA free agency period is more fun than the NBA games themselves.