NCAA Basketball Tournament

By Jack Healey
How are your brackets doing? Man I hate that expression, but right now everybody’s bracket is perfect. For what it’s worth my “Final Four” is Tennessee, Duke, Michigan and Kentucky with Tennessee over Michigan in the championship. I’m really just guessing.
Whether you’re an expert or not, all this bracket stuff is pure luck. Yes it is pure luck. It’s funny you know that there will be some upsets, but you just don’t know which ones. Also the “Final Four” generally will feature well known teams with the occasional Butler or George Mason thrown in. There might be a few #12 upsets over a #5, but I don’t see any #12’s making it to the “final Four”.
I watch more college basketball during the next couple of weeks than I do the whole rest of the season combined. I’m really sort of busy in the winter. I would love to see UVM defeat Florida State today, but no chance.
It’s hard to believe that UVM’s upset over Syracuse was 14 years ago.
Then there is the NCAA women’s tournament that starts tomorrow.They haven’t won in a couple of years, but I’m going with UCONN. I go with them every year.
There is the NIT which some people consider to be the ” Not Invited To The Tournament… Tournament.” Do you know that at one time the NIT was bigger than the NCAA Tournament? At one time you could be in both tournaments.
The Northeast Sports Network, will video cast all four All Star Basketball games at Windsor High School this Saturday free of charge!