So if you believe in momentum from game to game, all the division series will go to all the teams that won yesterday.

Let’s start with the American League:

Houston blows an 8th inning lead and will never recover to beat Kansas City in game 5 tomorrow right? Yes just like the Red Sox didn’t recover to win game 4 of the 2013 World Series after a crushing loss in game 3. If you remember the Red Sox didn’t lose another game the rest of the series. Maybe KC wins, but would you guarantee it?

Toronto wins two straight to tie Texas and goes back home tomorrow to wrap it up. Or will they? Texas won the first two games in Toronto. Maybe Toronto wins, but would you guarantee it?

National League:

The Mets and Cubs are both up in their series 2-1 and can clinch at home today after both had big wins yesterday. So they both should win today or will they? Can you guarantee it?

Houston and Texas couldn’t wrap up their series at home yesterday, but the Mets and Cubs will?

Again my point is every game is a separate entity and none of the games today or tomorrow have anything to do with what happened yesterday. Period!

I was watching Notre Dame vs. Navy on Saturday and watching the two teams get together for the respective Alma Maters after the game was fantastic! If you don’t get chills and a lump in your throat after watching that “You Ain’t Human!