Manning vs. Brady!

I’m back and just in time for the AFC and NFC championship games!

It’s Manning vs. Brady!

I’m a Patriots fan and a big Tom Brady fan of course, but I don’t hate Peyton Manning. I thought he played pretty well in Denver’s victory over Pittsburgh last Sunday and I didn’t see what some of his critics saw apparently. I really didn’t see anything wrong with the way he threw quite frankly  and don’t forget there were a whole bunch of dropped balls.

I don’t get carried away with who is the best quarterback or the best anything for that matter. It’s  a matter of opinion anyway. I think Jimmy Brown is the greatest pro football player ever and the 1976 MSJ football team is the best Vermont  high school football team ever! Is that OK? It’s my opinion! Some think Manning is the best others say Brady. It doesn’t matter
because regardless of what happens in what might be their final match-up on the field this Sunday in Denver, they will meet again and it will be in Canton! Nobody can argue that!