Bob Cousy, Suspended Game, Andrew Luck,World Series Preview?

By Jack Healey
Back from vacation and feeling refreshed at least for a couple of days.
This is not a political statement, but Boston Globe sportswriter Dan Shaughnessey made it political as usual! Former Celtics great Bob Cousy recently received the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” from President Trump and in accepting the honor Cousy said that “President Trump was the most extraordinary president in his lifetime.” So what? Cousy can say whatever he wants, but the great Dan Shaughnessey had to tell us what Cousy meant. I don’t care what he meant and either should Shaughnessey or anybody else for that matter. Yup big surprise that Shaughnessey has to take a nice moment and make it political.By the way Shaughnessey had to sneak in that Cousy watches Fox News every night before he goes to bed.Again! Who cares? Bob Cousy can watch Howdy Doody re-runs every night if he wants to.
Boston fans are the best! Almost 16,500 fans were on hand at Fenway Park for the completion of the suspended game between the Sox and Kansas City recently for what turned out to be 11 and a half minutes. Yes admission was only $5.00 and kids were free, but still the number of people on hand was amazing! It isn’t always easy driving into Fenway Park and I’m pretty sure all the fans who showed up didn’t live in the neighborhood. I’m also pretty sure that parking wasn’t free either!
I still think Dave O’Brien is better than Don Orsillo.
The uniforms for Major League Baseball’s Player’s weekend were hideous. The black uniforms were better than the white uniforms, but they were both pretty bad.
Rob Gronkowki and Andrew Luck are both 29.
The Yankees vs Dodgers series could be a preview of the World Series,but can you take anything out of the series this past weekend? Of course not!