American League All Yankee All Star team?

By Jack Healey
The final balloting for the baseball All-Star game from the list of finalists will start at noon today Eastern Time and run through 4PM Eastern Time tomorrow. The starters election winners will be announced at 7PM tomorrow on ESPN and full rosters will be announced at 5:30PM on Sunday.
Are you ready for an all Yankee American League team? Don’t laugh it’s not that far off as conceivably there could be an all Yankee starting infield. The Yankees have one of the three finalists at every position in the infield and one of the nine outfield finalists. Quite frankly if the Yankees have the starters at every position in the infield I have no problem with that because every player deserves it. The Yankee finalists are Gary Sanchez at catcher, Luke Voit at first base, DJ Lemahieu at 2nd base, Gio Urshela at 3rd base and Gleyber Torres at short. Aaron Judge is one of the nine finalists in the outfield and ordinarily I would say he deserves a starting nod, but this year he just hasn’t played enough. Anyway in contrast the Red Sox have only two finalists Mookie Betts in the outfield and JD Martinez at DH. My prediction is that the Yankees will have three starters:
Gary Sanchez at catcher, Luke Voit at first and DJ Lemahieu at 2nd.
I think the other starters will be:
Houston’s Alex Bregman at 3rd, Minnesota’s Jorge Polanco at short and the Angels’ Mike Trout, Houston’s George Springer and Houston’s Mike Brantley in the outfield.
JD Martinez of the Red Sox at DH
My prediction in the National League is:
at catcher; Wilson Contreras of the Cubs
Atlanta’s Freddie Freeman at first
Milwaukee’s Mike Moustakas at 2nd
Colorado’s Nolan Arenado at 3rd
Javy Baez of the Cubs at short
The outfield of the Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger, Milwaukee’s Christian Yelich and Atlanta’s Ronald Acuna, Jr. The DH in the National League would be filled in by just about anybody