Zach Britton and the New York Daily News

By Jack Healey
Think about it Red Sox fans, the Yankees just got a lot better. The Yankees get Zach Britton a pitcher who was probably needed more by the Red Sox to add to an already lights out bullpen. The Sox have a bullpen that is already shaky and the Yankees now have four closers. The Red Sox’ thin minor league system really hurt them in this one.
The Yankees not only get better, but also keep a guy away from the Red Sox which in the long run might be the biggest factor as Joe Kelly continues to suffer a meltdown every time he pitches.
I never like to see layoffs. I’ve seen it at radio stations and newspapers time and time again. It’s always decisions by clueless management and ownership who don’t know what it’s like to be in the trenches. [That is not the case at NSN by the way because our CEO has been in the trenches] I’ve been in radio for over 40 years and if I had a nickle for every time management or ownership made a stupid decision I’d be a millionaire. Here’s an example and I’ve seen it happen about three times over the years, but getting rid of the Associated Press service when you are a news and talk station is really stupid as far as I’m concerned.
As I said I don’t like to see layoffs, but I’ve seen layoffs where the people being laid off weren’t missed at all. In other words they didn’t do any work anyway or the positions weren’t really necessary. ESPN had massive layoffs and many were talented people, but did ESPN really need as many baseball or NFL analysts as they had? I think not. I sympathize with the sportswriters who were laid off at the New York Daily News and some are really talented, but seriously did they need 35 of them? Yes a lot was made of a sports department that once had 35 writers and now has 9. I know New York is huge, but 35 sportswriters? Come on! A small town newspaper that had five sportswriters and has been cut to two is one thing. That is an impact, but 35 sportswriters at a large newspaper were all earning their pay? I think not. I’m not defending management and ownership because they are greedy, but it seemed to me that having 35 people in the sports department was over kill!