Tuck Rule And Other Irritations Part One!

By Jack Healey
New England Patriot fans have had the “Tuck Rule” shoved down their throats since 2002 even though the call in the famous snow game against the Oakland Raiders was the correct one and it wasn’t the only time the “tuck rule” was called that season.
Because people have griped about that so many times over the years here are a few things I should’ve griped about more over the years, but didn’t until now:
Oakland Raider fans and Patriot haters keep moaning about the “tuck rule”,but they never talk about the fact that the Oakland Raiders went to the Super Bowl the following year and lost! Could’ve redeemed themselves with a victory over Tampa Bay,but didn’t. Their coach Jon Gruden redeemed himself because he was Tampa Bay’s coach,but the Raiders were still moaning about the “tuck rule” the year before. By the way the Patriots didn’t even make the playoffs that year.
Speaking of Super Bowls there was not one,but two holds that weren’t called on the Giants on the David Tyree catch play. Richard Seymour didn’t get held, he got mauled!
The offense struggled in that game, but Tom Brady ultimately got the Patriots the lead late in that game,but the defense blew it. The Patriots got the lead late in the other Super Bowl loss to the Giants too,but the defense blew that one too. Yea it was on the defense. No different than a closer blowing a 9th inning lead in baseball.
The defense screwed up in the loss to Philadelphia in that Super Bowl too. In that game the defense was putrid the whole game.
Don’t get me going about Spye Gate and Deflate Gate!
To Be Continued!