There Is Only One Winner And Everybody Else Loses!

By Jack Healey
I went 2-2 in my NFL Wildcard games and I now stand at 144-99. The football picks are pure luck as the two games I lost both went into overtime.
I know fans are excited if their teams won this weekend, but it is merely a step. The object is to win the Super Bowl. That’s it, not the wildcard round,not the divisional round,not the conference championship game. You play to win the SUPER BOWL!
The Patriots lost and of course facebook blew up as always. The most insufferable fans are not Patriot fans, they are anti-Patriot fans. They are the worst!
I can understand all the self proclaimed experts on facebook and twitter, they are nitwits and are sickening,but when national pundits act the same way that is inexcusable! I thought they were supposed to be professionals.I don’t expect everybody to agree with me, but I do expect the media especially national media to show some class!
Maybe the Patriots dynasty is over and they go 4-12 next year, but maybe it isn’t. Who knows? Maybe they go 12-4 again. What continues to astound me is that the Patriots have been to the Super Bowl three years in a row and four times since 2015 and won three of them so there was a good chance they didn’t make it this time even if Tom Brady was in his prime. It’s hard to get there and there are only three teams in history have made it to the Super bowl three years in a row…The Patriots, the Miami Dolphins of the early 70’s and the Buffalo Bills of the 90’s. the Bills made it to the Super Bowl four years in a row, but lost all four of them. Yea the whole thing baffles me! It really does!
One last thing on the Patriots….if you are going to declare that it’s the end of the line shouldn’t you at least wait until they don’t make the playoffs for a couple of years before drawing any conclusions? I would!
To all the other fans of the eight teams that are giddy after one week of the playoffs that are still alive, remember only one of them is going to win. Seven teams will lose their final game including the Super Bowl loser. Think about that for a minute!