The Wright Stuff!

By Jack Healey

I have to tell you and I think I have told you several times anyway that I hate knuckle ball pitchers. Not personally of course as it seems that Tim Wakefield is a good guy and Steven Wright appears to be an alright guy, his personal issues aside, but I’m talking about the pitching part. I’ve always looked at knuckle ball pitchers the same way I look at slow pitch softball pitchers and that is I think everything is pure luck. Whatever Steven Wright is doing whether it be pure luck or not I hope he continues to do it. He has been great. Keep it up!
Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are at mini-camp so tell me again….what was the problem? Much ado about nothing!
If I played on a championship team I would visit the White House regardless of my views of the president. To me it’s part of the whole championship experience just like the parade or the world Series or Super Bowl ring. I watch movies regardless of an actor’s political point of view so why would a visit to the White House be any different?