The All Star Game And Those Patriots Are Cheaters

I guess I went to bed too early. It was 2-1 American League in the 6th when I retired for the night. Lots of home-runs and lots of strike-outs so it seemed like it was the microcosm of the season to me.
Let it go! Terrell Owens yesterday accused Brady and Belichick of cheating. That’s a new one. I will say again if Spyegate and or Deflategate was any other team I wouldn’t have given it two seconds of attention. It’s really getting ridiculous! I take it back…. It got ridiculous years ago!
The Oakland Raiders are still bitching about “The Tuck Rule.” Again a bad rule, but a play that was called correctly. it’s funny how fans forget that the following season after the “tuck rule” game the Oakland Raiders made it to the Super Bowl and the Patriots didn’t even make the playoffs. Oakland lost the Super Bowl to Tampa Bay. The Raiders and their fans should be bitching about that!
Patriot fans should be bitching about the roughing the passer penalty on Sugar Bear Hamilton in the 1976 playoff game. It is the worst call in the history of the NFL and it cost the Patriots in a year in which they were the best team.
Patriot fans should be bitching about Denver’s Champ Bailey fumbling out of bounds in the end zone after returning an interception against the Patriots in a 2006 playoff game. It should’ve been first and 10 Patriots instead of first and goal Denver.
Stop bitching people!!!