So You Think Your team Doesn’t Cheat?….Part 2

By Jack Healey

So your team doesn’t cheat? Let’s take a look at your New York Jets:
On November 12th, 2006, two months after the NFL sent its memo forbidding videotaping from the sidelines,end zones and “other locations accessible to club staff members during the game” and one year before the New England Patriots infamous Spy Gate “scandal”, the Jets were caught filming the Patriots plays and defensive signals from both end zones of Gillette Stadium. The Patriots had the Jets employee removed from the area. Jets coach Eric Mangini denied nervously that the Jets videotaped including the Patriots defensive signals,but the Jets tapes were never verified. What they videotaped didn’t matter,though,because after the 2006 NFL memo was sent, the league’s newly articulated rule prohibited all video recording [of any part of the game] from the coaches booth,on the field,in the locker room or any other location that is is accessible to coaches or team personnel. The Jets infraction was identical to the videotaping infraction that the Patriots would be punished for a year later.
How about that sports fans!!!!!
Who cares who is in the Pro Bowl and who isn’t?