Rutland Milestones And Shaughnessy Again!

By Jack Healey
It’s hard to believe that Rutland High School has had just one girl to score 1000 career points and it was Elise Magro who accomplished the feat just last week.
The MSJ girls basketball program only had one 1000 point scorer for several years as Kim levins accomplished the feat in 1987, but Now MSJ has added two more to the list since 2016
Monica Schmelzenbach and Jenna Eaton.
In contrast Canaan has had nine 1000 point scorers in girls basketball.
Congratulations going out to West Rutland girls basketball coach Carl Serrani who picked up career win #300 last week.
The Daytona 500 Sunday isn’t exactly Super Bowl Sunday is it?
Leave it to Dan Shaughnessy to make the Red Sox trip to the White House about race.
If Tukka Rask wins the Stanley Cup I’ll forgive him.
The NBA All Star Game is interesting because why?