Random Thoughts

By Jack Healey
Some random thoughts;
Have you ever wondered what happened to the Vermont Athlete of the Month program?
Back in the 70’s and 80’s the Vermont Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association, now called the Vermont Sports Media Association, had a wonderful program when the Athletes of the Month would be honored with a banquet in Montpelier and the Athletes of the Year would be announced. That program died for a number of years because many members of the media were too lazy to participate. It would be like pulling teeth to get media members to vote, let alone nominate athletes.
Through the work of a few people led by Mike Donaghue of the Burlington Free Press the program was brought back in 2002 and again for a number of years culminated with a wonderful banquet at Norwich University.That program died as well for the same reasons the program died years ago.As is the case with so many organizations the work was done by a few and the majority did nothing. Too bad! It was a great program!
The NHL All Star skills competition is tonight and the divisional 3 on 3 competition is tomorrow night in San Jose. It is better than it used to be in the NHL, but the NFL Pro Bowl is Sunday in Orlando and I wonder why they bother with that game. It is a joke!
To me the best All Star game is baseball, then the NHL because of the 3 on 3 format now, then the NBA and then the NFL.