Put Up Or Shut-Up!

OK so “Deflategate’ is over or so we think…

Let me just reiterate:

I don’t know if Tom Brady is lying or not and either do you. I always thought destroying the cell phone was a stupid thing to do, but it still doesn’t prove anything.

I personally wouldn’t have given this a 2nd thought if it involved any other quarterback in the league and quite frankly I think it’s the same for the NFL.

The Patriots put this on themselves because of their past sins, but come on the punishment far exceeds the crime. I agree with Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe. The crime is “Jaywalking.”!

Yesterday’s ruling was about whether Roger Goodell has the right to impose the punishment per the collective bargaining agreement. The court ruled he does. If Goodell  handed down a lifetime ban, it would’ve been held up.

Oh by the way to the rest of the AFC East….You can stop you’re whining now. Brady will miss four games, you have no excuses. It’s put up or shut-up time!