Patriots, World Series And Who What A Year In High School Football

By Jack Healey
Hey the Patriots were lucky and I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s still about the defense.
The next time Cordarrelle Patterson celebrates a touchdown, I hope he at least waits until he gets into the end zone!
I wish Scott Zolak would stop interrupting Bob Socci during great calls. It’s annoying!. There isn’t one thing a color man can say on radio that is more important than what the play by play guy is saying. Not one!
Zolak isn’t the only color man who interrupts the play by play guys on radio in the NFL. It happens all over the place. The Green Bay Packers and Miami Dolphins guys are always interrupting the play by play guys. It happens a lot in the NHL too!
It’s the Red Sox and the Dodgers in the World Series. Should be fun!
I bet Dave Roberts gets the biggest ovation in the opening ceremonies tomorrow night!
Nobody believes that Chris Sale had an infected belly because of a belly ring do they? Please!
What a weekend in high school football!I went 11-3 in week #8 and all three losses were the losses by the top three teams in Division 1. Rutland, Hartford and Rice all lost. I am still shocked about the Essex victory over Hartford. That’s one of the biggest upsets I’ve ever seen in high school football.
My overall record is now 86-33.
Rutland lost to Burlington/South Burlington in overtime last Friday night, but the Raiders get a chance for revenge right away this Friday night in the D1 quarters. This is one of the best high school football seasons in memory, especially in Division 1!