NFL Week #15

By Jack Healey
I went 9-7 last week and I now stand at 120-87 and it’s now week #15 in the NFL:
Thursday December 12th
Baltimore over the NY Jets
Sunday December 15th
NE Patriots over Cincinnati I still think the latest Spyegate 2 scandal is much ado about nothing. I however don’t really know enough about it to really form an opinion like apparently you usual nitwits on facebook and twitter.
Tampa Bay over Detroit
Green Bay over Chicago
Tennessee over Houston
Kansas City over Denver
NY Giants over Miami
Philadelphia over Washington
Seattle over Carolina
Oakland over Jacksonville
Arizona over Cleveland
LA Chargers over Minnesota
LA Rams over Dallas
San Francisco over Atlanta
Pittsburgh over Buffalo
Monday December 16th
New Orleans over Indianapolis
If Gerritt Cole only wins one World series with the Yankees his contract will be worth it. He has to win at least one though.
Ken “Hawk” Harrelson has won the 2020 Ford C. Frick Award? You have got to be kidding me!