NFL, High School Football And Random Thoughts

By Jack Healey
I went 11-2 in week #9 in high school football and I now stand at 100-30 on the year.
I went 11-4 in NFL week #8 and I now stand at 71-49 on the year.
I know everybody is in a good mood at an introductory press conference, but I was pretty impressed by Chaim Bloom the new chief of baseball operations of the Red Sox. He should be popular in Massachusetts because to me he looks like a young Ted Kennedy. I’m surprised nobody brought that up.
The only part of the press conference I didn’t like was the repeated reference to how talented the staff was. Of course that’s important, but I’m more concerned with the talent on the field.
If I hear one more person talk about the Patriots’ weak schedule I think I’ll jump out of the nearest window. First of all you can only play who is on the schedule and it’s the NFL, not the Ivy League. Anybody can beat you! The Patriots will probably lose a few games when I admit the schedule gets tougher, but it’s just Patriots bashing as far I’m concerned. It’s just not about the schedule this year, but Patriot haters refer to the schedule every year. You know the AFC Least and all that, but people forget they beat other teams too. They have been to three Super Bowls in a row and won two of them. Come on man! They have nothing to prove!
By the way the Patriots have tons of injuries especially to the offensive line so please give them some credit.
By the way just a little reminder the Jets beat the Cowboys and the Browns beat the Ravens.
Sooner or later Mike Nugent is going to cost the Patriots a game.