NFL and High School Football

By Jack Healey
I continue to struggle in my NFL picks, but still flying high in high school.
I was 7-8 in NFL week # 4 and now stand at 35-27.
I was 11-4 in high school week #5 and now stand at 54-20.
The Patriots are struggling offensively, but still won in Buffalo 16-10. It’s a combination of things on the offense, but that’s why I wanted them to keep Antonio Brown. The defense has been great though. Keep it up!
Oakland’s Vontaze Burfict has been suspended for the rest of the season because of his helmet to helmet hit in the game against Indianapolis on Sunday. So of course the idiot trash talking Patriot bashers start to whine on social media. Yes there were cries of what about the Pats’ Jonathan Jones? Come on man! What Jones did wasn’t even close to what Burfict did. Jones was penalized and maybe will get a fine, but no suspension and rightfully so. Buffalo’s Josh Allen lowered his head and initiated the contact. Huge difference between the two! Will you Patriot haters for once please be objective!!!!