Mookie, Dynasty And Tom Brady

By Jack Healey

Hello is anybody home? Why don’t Red Sox fans understand that it’s not about paying Mookie Betts,it’s about the luxury tax! Nobody can call the Red Sox cheap. That’s ridiculous!
It’s not my money,but reports say that Mookie Betts wants 420 million over 12 years. Good luck to him. That would strap a team for years.
The Kansas City Chiefs did a great job and deserved to win the Super Bowl,but don’t you think talk of a dynasty is a little premature? Maybe the Chiefs should win one or two more Super Bowls before talking dynasty. I’m sure many KC fans thought it was the first of multiple Super Bowl championships in 1970,but it took the Chiefs 50 years to get back there! It’s hard to get to the Super Bowl let alone win it! I can’t say enough how remarkable the Patriots run was!
A peak into the Tom Brady Super Bowl commercial was on twitter last week and pundits were criticizing him by saying he’s making it about him the same week as the Super Bowl. It was a commercial you clowns! I think you all owe him an apology!