Mike Trout And The MVP

By Jack Healey
I have nothing against Mike Trout winning the MVP,but is he really the MVP? I think he is the Player of the Year and he is the best player in baseball, but is he the MVP? I don’t think so. Not this year anyway. To me and I have said this for years there should be two awards. The MVP and the Player of the Year. Some years it could be the same guy, but to me the real MVP in the American League this year is Houston’s Alex Bregman.It’s funny some years the baseball writers really do vote for the MVP and other years they are really voting for the Player of the Year like this year. I think back to 1995 when the Red Sox’ Mo Vaughn won the MVP. I really think the writers got it right because in the true sense Vaughn was the MVP,but he wasn’t the Player of the Year. The Player of the Year that year was clearly Albert Belle of the Cleveland Indians. Player of the Year, but not MVP because the Indians win the pennant easily without Albert Belle. A message to major league baseball: Make it two awards. MVP and Player of the Year. It’s seems quite simple to me!