Legion Baseball, Shrine Football And Rain-Outs!

By Jack Healey
The OEC Kings will not be playing in the State American Legion Baseball Tournament this weekend because they used an ineligible player. It is disappointing for all the players involved, but a rule is a rule. OEC might’ve been the best team in the state too.
One of my pet peeves is when people say the Shrine Football Game is irrelevant and nobody cares and New Hampshire doesn’t send its best players and blah,blah,blah! Really? The game is played for the Shriner’s Hospitals so that in itself makes the game relevant, but what about the players? What an honor! Yesterday I had a chance to talk with Rutland standout football player Jared Miglorie who was added to the Vermont Shrine team earlier this week. Jared tore his ACL in week 7 of the football season and he missed the entire basketball season and the entire lacrosse season so needless to say he has been through a lot of disappointment. Jared couldn’t have been more excited if he had won the lottery. Don’t tell me the game is irrelevant! I wonder if some of the skeptics would be that way if they had a son chosen to play in the game. I think the game is a big deal and I will always think that way!
The other night the Red Sox were leading Baltimore 5-0 in the 2nd inning and then the rains came and the game was postponed. It wasn’t official so the game has to be played in its entirety with the score 0-0. That’s the rule and that’s the way it goes. The Red Sox however do have a gripe about the way the Orioles handled the start of the game. They knew that the rain was coming as we do have the satellite pictures now so why was the game started in the first place? Yes the Red sox do have a legitimate complaint about that.