Legion Baseball and High School Baseball And The Tour De France!

The State Legion baseball tournament continues today with three games on tap at Castleton University.
The tournament will wrap up on Wednesday.
I know people are busy with summer vacations etc., but Legion baseball is way better than high school baseball so there should be more interest in it. It’s just better baseball! Think about it, there are players from more than one high school so the talent pool is larger, but the biggest reasons are that there are more games and the weather is much better. The more games played the better a player will get and of course the sport is designed to be played with the warm temperatures. Baseball is not made to be played in 35 degrees and drizzle.
I think back to the “golden era” of legion baseball back in the 70’s and the huge crowds at Rutland vs. Bennington games. I long for those days again.
The Tour De France is over? I think I missed it!
Why is it that when you ask businesses to advertise on high school sports on NSN, nsnsports.net that they think they are giving you the money and getting nothing in return? You are getting something in return….It’s the advertising!!! One poential client who I am still working on to advertise on high school football is balking in doing it, but he has all the DVD’s of his son’s football games that were video cast on NSN. I quite frankly just don’t get it!It is a wonderful service and advertisers should be knocking our door down to advertise!