JBJR.,Vasquez and the Celtics

By Jack Healey
Here’s a news flash for the Boston Red Sox! Jackie Bradley, Jr. and Christian Vasquez are not in slumps! They simply can’t hit!There is a difference! To be in a slump you have to somewhere along the line hit. When you hit and then don’t hit for awhile, that’s a slump. What Jackie Bradley, Jr. and Christian Vasquez are doing now is the norm. When those two hit it’s news, not when they don’t hit because that’s what they do. What they do is they don’t hit! As of today Jackie Bradley, Jr. is hitting .171 with 2 homers and 9 RBI’s. Christian Vasquez is hitting .179 with no homers and 5 RBI’s. I repeat, they are not in slumps! That’s what they do! By the way that’s the Sox’ center fielder and catcher and the Sox are tied for the best record in baseball. That is a miracle!
Of course it’s only one game and maybe the Celtics don’t win another game in the series, but I didn’t see yesterday coming. I really didn’t! What that team has done to this point is simply amazing!