Jack Healey’s Blog October 2nd, 2017

I hate the term backing in when it comes to baseball. There is no such thing as backing in when you play 162 games. I don’t even like the term in other sports either because somewhere a long the line you are winning games on your own. The Red Sox clinched the Division on the field anyway so it’s a moot point. The Red Sox struggled at home over the final week, but they did go 8-1 on their final road trip and had won 14 out 17. So it’s the Red Sox vs. Houston in the ALDS with game 1 in Houston on Thursday at 4PM and game 2 in Houston on Friday at 2PM.

You have to feel that Cleveland and Houston are solid favorites in the ALDS, but this isn’t the NBA where it’s Golden State and Cleveland and nobody else has a chance. It’s baseball and  one of the great things about baseball is anybody can win.

Did NESN’s Tom Caron have to take the day off on a day the Red Sox could clinch? Those locker room interviews were terrible. How many times can you ask “How does it feel to win the American League East”? What do they expect the answer to be? “Oh I feel really terrible. I wish we finished last.”

Speaking of NESN, I guess TBS feels Dennis Eckersley is so bad that he again is back on their coverage of the Dodgers NLDS series. Eckersley has been doing TBS work for several years.

Oh that Patriots defense. How bad is it? The Patriots have scored 27 and 30 points in their two losses. I thought the defense was bad last year and that team won the Super Bowl. This defense is historically bad!

I went 13-2 in my high school football picks in week #5 and now stand at 59-17 overall.