Jack Healey’s Blog October 23rd, 2017

A solid win for the Patriots and they actually hold an opposing quarterback to under 300 yards passing and it was to Matt Ryan the one quarterback you would think who would really light them up. You never know!

I went with Houston in 6 and the Astros won in 7. I got the winners correctly in both championship series after getting only one out of  four in the division series.

I know there weren’t any Yankee fans rooting for the Red Sox against Houston in the division series just like there weren’t any Red Sox fans rooting for the Yankees in the championship series, but if the Red Sox beat Houston the Yankees would be in the World Series right now.

I don’t know of anybody who picked the Yankees for last so where did that come from? I picked the Yankees for second.

The future is bright for the Yankees, but the future is also bright for the Red Sox, Astros, Dodgers, Indians and Cubs too to name a few.

There are no guarantees for next year for anybody. The future was bright for the Mets too after the 2015 World Series.

I love the Alex Cora signing as new manager of the Red Sox!

Did Columbia really beat Dartmouth in football?

I went 13-2 in the high school football picks on Saturday. I now stand 96-24 overall with the playoffs starting this weekend.