Jack Healey’s Blog November 7th, 2017

I went 5-1 for the high school semi’s to bring my overall record to 113-29.

The three championship games are this Saturday at Rutland’s Alumni Field:

Division 3 at 11 AM Windsor vs Woodstock

Division 2 at 2 PM  Fair Haven vs. Bellows Falls

Division 1 at 5 PM St. Johnsbury vs. Hartford. All three defending state champs are back in the title games.

I went back to my mediocre ways in the NFL as I went 5-8 to bring my overall record to 76-56.

Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe has done it again!

He again has mentioned Curt Schilling in a column and this time it was in a column of the top 10 World Series that Shaughnessy has seen in person. He has the 2001 Arizona vs. Yankees World Series on his list won by Arizona in 7. He says this about Schilling the CO-MVP along with Randy Johnson in that series:

“Before he became a tinfoil-hat social media menace, Curt Schilling was a really good baseball player.” Come on Dan! Cut it out! This is really getting old!

A friend of mine the other day said that Alabama could beat the Cleveland Browns. My answer was: No they can’t!!!!