Jack Healey’s Blog November 28th, 2017

My up and down NFL picking season continues as I went 12-4 this week and I now stand at 104-72 overall.

The Miami Dolphins are cheap shot artists. There is no doubt about it.

Tom Brady got hammered all day long and many in my opinion were late and low hits. Brady kept getting up thankfully. Brady by the way is as tough as nails and to say anything else is ridiculous.

I’d be a little afraid about what the Dolphins will try to do when the Patriots play at Miami in a couple of weeks.

The Womens World Cup at Killington was perfect. Killington looked great on television too!

Great job by Castleton in winning the first WSYB-Catamount Radio Invitational. It turns out that Castleton mens hockey coach Bill Silengo is a Seinfeld fan. He pointed out that Murphy and O’Brien were officials in one of the games and there was a Newman playing in one of the games as well.

Another reason why talking about comparative scores is stupid. Castleton beat King’s College 3-2 and Tufts beat King’s College 9-3, but Castleton beat Brockport State 4-3 which beat Tufts 5-3. Comparative scores, like momentum from game to game means nothing!

After losing to Auburn I hope Alabama doesn’t get to play in the national championship final 4. It’s like an NFL team losing in the Divisional round and still getting to play in the Super Bowl.  Somehow I get the feeling that we haven’t heard the end from Alabama.