Jack Healey’s Blog November 1st, 2017

HA HA HA HA HA! That’s me laughing again at fans and media who keep on talking about momentum.

The Dodgers twice have bounced backĀ  to win games after heartbreaking devastating losses in the World Series. They bounced back to win game 6 last night 3-1 so it’s a game 7 tonight. When will you ever learn? When will you ever learn? The Dodgers actually bounced back to win in game 4, not the next game after the devastating loss in game 2, but you get my point. If you believe in momentum from game to game it has to be every game, not sometimes.

I went with the Astros to win the series in 7 games so I’ll stick to that prediction, but remember the Dodgers have the momentum or do they?

Come on does anybody really think the Patriots won’t have a back-up quarterback by the their next game?

I don’t care what the Patriots could’ve got for Jimmy Garoppolo last summer. Things change and getting a high 2nd round draft pick is a pretty good deal especially for a back-up quarterback who will be an unrestricted free agent.

I get it about running backs being a dime a dozen and I get it that Jay Ajayi is an injury risk, but he went from Miami to Philadelphia for a 4th rounder.

Buffalo did give up two draft choices for wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin, but still it was a 3rd rounder and a 7th rounder. Yea I would say a 2nd round pick, a high 2nd round pick at that, for a back-up quarterback who will be an unrestricted free agent is a pretty good deal!