Jack Healey’s Blog November 17th, 2017

Jose Altuve and Giancarlo Stanton winning the MVP’s in baseball. I did figure Altuve would win, but I thought Paul Goldsmidt would win in the  National League and he finished 3rd in the voting.

The criteria has never been clear to  me in the MVP voting. Do they mean Most Valuable Player or do they mean Player of the Year? Sometimes they vote for who I consider to be Player of the Year like Stanton. Was he really the Most Valuable? I don’t think so. Altuve and Aaron Judge both have good arguments to be either MVP or Player of the Year.

I have always thought that there should be two awards MVP and Player of the Year, but they could go to the same guy.

The Celtics have won 14 straight after beating the World Champion Golden State Warriors last night. Does it mean anything come playoff time? Of course not. It’s a game in November.

The Celtics are fun and they are a good team, but they aren’t in Golden State’s class or Cleveland’s either for that matter. Not yet anyway.

The North-South Senior Bowl All Star football game tomorrow at Middlebury College at 12:30. Your last chance to watch one more high school football game.