Jack Healey’s Blog November 17th, 2016

The Red Sox’ Rick Porcello has won the AL Cy Young Award. I wouldn’t have bet a nickle to say he would ever win the Cy Young in his career. The other two finalists were Corey Kluber and Justin Verlander and I would trade Porcello for either one of them, but in this particular season Porcello deserved the Cy Young. He really did!

I will say this though I  can’t believe that two writers both from Tampa Bay left Verlander completely off their ballot. Ridiculous! I agree with Kate Upton when she says they both should be fired!

NFL football picks for week #11. I stand at 86-59 after going 7-7 last week.

Thursday Carolina over New Orleans

Cincinnati over Buffalo

Pittsburgh over Cleveland

Dallas over Baltimore

Detroit over Jacksonville

Indianapolis over Tennessee

Kansas City over Tampa Bay

Minnesota over Arizona

Giants over Chicago

Miami over Los Angeles

NE Patriots over San Francisco

Seattle over Philadelphia

Washington over Green Bay

Monday Oakland over Houston