Jack Healey’s Blog May 24th, 2017

I said that I’d be more shocked if the Celtics won game 4 last night than I was after they won game 3. Well they didn’t win, but could’ve and now I will say that I won’t be as shocked if the Celtics win game 5.

I don’t think they win game 5, but if they do I will be less shocked.

Ottawa gets even with Pittsburgh in the NHL Stanley Cup Eastern Conference finals and game 7 is tomorrow night in Pittsburgh.

Let’s see there have been three NHL playoff games this year in which teams have lost by 6 goals or more and have come back to win the next game.

Let’s see the Celtics won game 3 of their series after losing by 44 in game 2 and Cleveland wins game 4 after losing a heart breaker on a 3 pointer with less than a second left in game 3.

Explain to me again about momentum from game to game! I will stop pointing out this absurd cliche when sportswriters, sportscasters and fans stop saying it and of course they never will. How many times do I  I have to keep saying it? Come on people! You just don’t get it!