Jack Healey’s Blog March 9th, 2018

In high school basketball the championship games and semi’s are played at the Barre Auditorium or the UVM Patrick Gym.
In high school hockey the championship games are played at the UVM Gutterson Fieldhouse. That’s where the players aspire to play since they were in pre-school. It’s special!
So why do so many fans say that when two local teams like West Rutland and MSJ, just a few miles apart, play in a semi-final or championship game against each other they suggest they play some place locally like Castleton instead? Because the players don’t want to that’s why! Ask any player where they would want to play a championship game and I bet 100% would say at Barre or UVM! To those who say why not play a few miles away instead of 66 miles away….I say HOGWASH!!!
Every once in awhile I have to remind fans that don’t seem to get it that the reason the Patriots lost to the Eagles and to the Giants twice in the Super Bowl was because of the DEFENSE! Geez!