Jack Healey’s Blog June 28th, 2017

Yesterday while listening to Boston Sports Talk Radio on Comcast I hear the hosts quote Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe who was ranting about the way the AL East standings are put up on the left field scoreboard. The Red Sox have been listed first and Yankees 2nd even though the Yankees were technically in first place by percentage points. Then there were rants about the “pink hats” and “Sweet Caroline” blah, blah, blah! Come on Dan the fans aren’t stupid.

# 1 Even though the standings technically were reversed and not correct, in the overall scheme of things. who cares? What difference does it make? We get it and it’s “Much Ado About Nothing!” on top of that the two talk show hosts talked about it, but instead of giving it the time it deserved like maybe a minute they harped about it all day.

# 2 As far as “Sweet Caroline”is concerned, it’s the fans having fun at the ball park. Nothing more nothing less. Many fans go to the park maybe once or twice a year and they want to have a good time. What’s wrong with that?

# 3 The “Wave” is kind of stupid and should’ve been banned a long time ago and I hate it, but it doesn’t ruin my day if I see people doing it. Again fans are just having a good time.

# 4 Cut it out on the beach balls on the field thing though. That is annoying. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but I saw one on the field during a game recently. The beach balls should be at the beach.

Bottom line to Shaughnessy and those two sports talk hosts [one of whom comes from Wisconsin and doesn’t get it and the other who grew up in Massachusetts and should get it, but apparently doesn’t]

Just because fans go to the ball park to have a good time doesn’t mean they don’t know anything about baseball. GIVE THEM A BREAK!