Jack Healey’s Blog January 9th, 2018

Yes it was a classic and I missed it! Is it me or do football games last longer than baseball games? Of course this one went into overtime and of course more action than the average baseball game!

You have to give Nick Saban a lot of credit. He ties Bear Bryant for most national championships and lays claim to  being the greatest coach of all-time!

The final AP college football poll is out and of course Alabama is #1, but Alabama only received 57 of 61 first place votes. Yes there were at least four voters who thought UCF deserved the national championship. I agree UCF was the only undefeated team and deserved more respect and had a good argument for being in the playoffs, but they weren’t in the national championship game so how could they possibly get first place votes? Ridiculous! Dan Le Batard must be one of the voters.

UCF by the way did declare themselves the national champions last week and paid a visit to Disney World. UCF finished 6th in the final poll by the way behind Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Clemson and Ohio State. That seems about right. Wisconsin was 7th, Penn State 8th, TCU 9th, Auburn 10th. Notre Dame was 11th.

I finished 18-23 in my predictions for the 41 bowl games including the National Championship Game.