Jack Healey’s Blog January 19th, 2018

It’s the AFC and NFC championship games this Sunday. I went 2-2 last week and I now stand at 165-99.

I’m going with the Patriots over Jacksonville and Philadelphia over Minnesota.

Am I worried about Tom Brady’s hand injury? You bet I am! If it is badly injured the Patriots can lose the game. Despite what people might think, you just can’t insert anybody in at quarterback [Brian Hoyer] because it’s about the system. Yea sure it is. Some people just won’t give Brady any credit.

The Patriots can win the game without Brady, but they could lose the game with Brady too. This is the AFC championship game we’re talking about here. If Jacksonville can win in Pittsburgh twice they certainly can win at New England once.

The Patriots players are not  disrespecting Jacksonville despite what some Jacksonville players are saying. The Patriots don’t disrespect any team and never have.

Now the Tom Coughlin factor. Please! He is the Jacksonville Vice President of Football Operations. He is not the coach! Yes he was a great coach and yes he was the coach of the Giants when they beat the Patriots in two Super Bowls, but he was also the Jacksonville coach when the Patriots beat them in the 1996 AFC championship game.

By the way the Patriots lost both Super Bowls to the Giants because their defense couldn’t hold the lead in the last couple of minutes. That’s the bottom line. Just like a closer blowing a lead in the 9th inning. Simple as that!