Jack Healey’s Blog January 15th, 2018

Shut Up!!!

That’s what I want to say to all the experts on facebook and twitter with their running commentary during NFL games. Yes the officiating stinks, but come on every call that goes the Patriots way isn’t some kind of a conspiracy or is always the wrong one. Name one call on Saturday that wasn’t legitimate. Yes a Patriot should’ve been called for face mask one time, but on the same play a Patriot player was being held so what’s the problem?

I like Tony Romo and I think he does a great job, but don’t be swayed by what his opinion is on a call. He said a Tennessee player wasn’t illegally in motion on a play that was called for a penalty. I say yes he was illegally in motion.

Yes the stupid endless comments about how the NFL wants the Patriots to win. That’s why “Deflate Gate” dragged on for two years. Ridiculous! “Spye Gate” wasn’t exactly what everybody thinks it was either. It’s just as easy to call the Patriots cheaters and leave it at that, but that’s for another time.

By the way, remember a couple of years ago when the replacement NFL officials were being used and everybody wanted the regular officials back? I was one of the few people who said …Why? The regular officials aren’t any better. Of course you don’t remember, but I said it.

Finally for college football snobs who say the pro game isn’t as good. Did you see those games yesterday? WOW!