Jack Healey’s Blog February 6th, 2018

The question today remains  What is the story with Malcom Butler?  I don’t think the Patriots win the Super Bowl if he played, but maybe one defensive stop or an interception might have been a difference. We will never know, but it couldn’t have been any worse.

Anyway we can discuss whether Butler would’ve made a difference or not forever and it doesn’t make any difference now anyway, but why is Belichick about what happened? I’d like to know just like every other Patriot fan. Was it a big deal or not? I’ve heard everything from he was caught with marijuana, he missed the team plane or team meetings or he just mouthed off to Belichick. What was it?

I shouldn’t be surprised that Belichick hasn’t been forthcoming, but that’s what he does. It’s the part of him that I can’t stand. Back in the days of “Spy Gate” I never could understand why Belichick didn’t explain what exactly happened, but he never did. By Belichick not saying anything it became much worse than it it really was. [Sorry the Patriots are cheaters crowd], but “Spy Gate” wasn’t that big of a deal.

No need to explain it again, people don’t care about hearing the truth anyway.

I digress. What is the story with Malcom Butler?