Jack Healey’s Blog December 26th, 2017

Yes the Patriots got another break on Sunday with the overturn of an apparent Buffalo touchdown. In this one I didn’t see anything that would warrant overturning the call so I don’t agree with the eventual call of no catch and no touchdown. I still think the rule is a good one and the overturn in the Buffalo game has nothing to do with the overturn in the Pittsburgh game. In the Pittsburgh game the receiver didn’t make the catch and it appeared to me the receiver did make the catch in the Buffalo game. The rule is just fine and as I said last week that the calls have been pretty consistent when the rule has been instituted.

Back to the Buffalo game and that call. Yes it did change the complexion of the game and who knows what might’ve happened afterward. Let’s take a look at what did happen. If the touchdown was called a touchdown, Buffalo would’ve led 17-13 at halftime. Buffalo kicked a field goal early in the 2nd half that would’ve made it 20-13 Bills instead of just 16-13. the Patriots still would’ve won the game 37-20 so what’s the problem? Even if Buffalo went for it later on 4th and 1 and eventually got a touchdown instead of missing a 50 yard field goal, the final score still would’ve been something like 37-26 give or take a few points. I get it, things might’ve gone differently if Buffalo got the touchdown, but maybe not so we will never know for sure.

Yes the Patriots have been real lucky over the last 16 years or so. All championship teams are lucky no doubt about it, but they are also very good!

The Patriots weren’t born 16 years ago though, they were born in 1960 and had at least 42 years of bad luck and 42 years of not being very good. I’m being somewhat facetious because the Patriots had some pretty good years and some pretty bad years and were pretty average all those years from BU Field, to Harvard Stadium , to BC’s Alumni Field, to Fenway Park, to Foxboro and stadium name changes, to almost St. Louis and finally Gillette Stadium!

Finally why does TBS and TNT show “A Christmas Story” for 24 hours straight on Christmas Day? At least there are different Twilight Zone Episodes on New Year’s Day and the 4th of July on the SCI-Fi channel.