Jack Healey’s Blog December 12th, 2017

When you don’t lose that often, it’s always shocking when one happens like the Patriots loss to Miami in NFL Monday Night Football. The Patriots put up a stinker, but they do stand at 10-3, not 3-10. also remember even if the Patriots had won last night they still would have to beat Pittsburgh Sunday afternoon anyway. On the other hand if the Patriots do lose that would open the door for Jacksonville to get the #2 seed and the Patriots the #3 seed if Jacksonville wins out.

The only Patriots-Pittsburgh game that really counts would be a potential playoff game which would perhaps be the AFC title game.

Great seeing Tom Brennan last night  for the dedication of the Tom Brennan Court at the Patrick Gym.

It was a wonderful night! Saw Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe quickly and I said I want the Red Sox to get both Eric Hosmer and JD Martinez and Bob said they have to get somebody! Also saw Bill Murphy of NSN and he said basically the same thing, but doubted Martinez was coming to Fenway.

Hartford’s Tyler Hamilton was named the 2017 Vermont High School Football Gatorade Player of the Year. It’s a great choice!