Jack Healey’s Blog December 11th, 2017

The Giancarlo Stanton trade Between the Yankees and Miami was huge!

It’s the biggest trade since Babe Ruth!!!![The Babe was actually sold to the Yankees by the Red Sox for $100,000. You know, “The Curse of The Bambino” and all that stuff] The Yankee line-up will be frightening, but keep in mind the Yankees’ line-up was frightening anyway.

Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and DiDi Gregorius alone combined for 110 home-runs last year. The whole Red Sox team had 168 home-runs. Add Stanton’s 59 home-runs and that’s one more home-run than the entire Red Sox team. That’s pretty awesome! No that’s a lot awesome!

Now what do the Red Sox do? They don’t need one power bat, they need two power bats and to me it’s not either JD Martinez or Eric Hosmer, it’s got to be JD Martinez and Eric Hosmer.

I don’t want Logan Morrison and Carlos Santana or Kyle Schwarber or any combination thereof. That won’t satisfy me. Logan Morrison’s 38 homers last year was an aberration. I look at Morrison and I see Mitch Moreland.

All that being said and before Rutland area Red Sox fans jump off the River St. Bridge, remember the Red Sox are still pretty good, but the Yankees are better unless the Red Sox can get that power bat, I mean two power bats!!!!

Two former Detroit Tiger teammates will be going into the Baseball Hall of Fame together Allan Tramell and Jack Morris. I agree, but what about Marvin Miller and Tommy John?