Jack Healey’s Blog April 27th, 2017

A certain sports radio talk show in Boston keeps saying the Celtics should have an asterisk if they beat Chicago in the first round playoff series because they didn’t turn the series around until the injury to Rajon Rondo. I agree that Rondo’s injury is a factor no doubt about it, but if your’re going to hand out asterisks let’s give one to the 1967 St. Louis Cardinals because the Red Sox didn’t have Tony Conigliaro and to the 1975 Cincinnati Reds because the Red Sox didn’t have Jim Rice. Thank you!! Nothing like an asterisk to make you feel better!

I know it’s obviously early, but the Yankees are better than the Red Sox. The Yankees are certainly better offensively, but their pitching is better too. The end of the bullpen was a given, but the starting pitching has been fantastic! I for one have underestimated how much the Red Sox would miss David Ortiz. Again it’s only April so it’s way too early to panic. I think!