Jack Healey Blog October 3rd, 2016

First the Red Sox. They will have to start on the road in Cleveland. I much rather be at home of course, but it’s not crucial. You split the first two games on the road and you get home field anyway. If you lose both games on the road you’re in big trouble, but you know you have to win a game on the road anyway.

In 2013 the Sox had the home field throughout the post season, but split the first two games at home in both the ALCS and World Series. They of course then would get home field back by winning on the road.

Now my concerns:

1. Craig Kimbrel. He has to be better. He has been bad in his last three outings. That outing in New York, the game Friday night even though he did get the save and the game on Saturday night. You can’t have a closer who walks people.

2. David Price. He wasn’t sharp his last  two starts and we all know what his post season record has been. If he’s the same in this series against Cleveland it will be a long off season.

Not concerned with losing 5 out of 6 because as I say it has nothing to do with this series. I would be saying the same thing if they won 5 out of 6. Still has nothing to do with this series.

Now the Patriots

I thought they stunk the joint out. The defense was lousy and of course the offense was lousy as they got shutout. The game plan was way too conservative and they played like they didn’t care about winning. We gave kudos to Belichik last week so this week he has to take a good part of the blame. A lousy job by the coach.

Yesterday’s game reminded me of the Philly and Miami games last year.

The silver lining is that the Patriots went 3-1 during Tom Brady’s suspension and that’s not bad.

Vin Scully’s last game yesterday. What a career! He is every bit as deserving of a  statue or another accolades he gets as anybody else. He is no less skilled in what he did as any of the players he covered. He also was the #1 link between Brooklyn and Los Angeles. If you don’t agree then you really just don’t get it!

I went 14-2 in high school football this week. My overall record is 65-15!

I did pop the champagne last night as I am the baseball Fantasy League champion for the 2nd time in three years!

The Spaniels have won it all!