Jack Healey Blog November 16th, 2016

I went 7-7 in the NFL football picks for week #10 and my overall record now stands at 86-59.

Dave Roberts and Terry Francona will always be connected as Red Sox fans know. The glorious comeback in the 2004  ALCS started in game 4 when Terry Francona gave the nod to Dave Roberts for the most famous stolen base in Red Sox history. Well last night they both were honored for the Manager of the Year Awards. Dave Roberts of the Dodgers for the National League and Terry Francona of Cleveland for the American League. The Cy Young awards will be announced tonight.

Tony Romo gets a lot of criticism especially from Giant fans, but I think he’s a pretty darn good quarterback. He’s good, but Dak Prescott deserves to be the Cowboys quarterback now and Romo agrees. It’s refreshing in this day and age. Tony Romo is a class act.

Like Joe Maddon and Bill Belechick, Phil Jackson is another one who considers himself to be the smartest one in the room.

Phil Jackson called Lebron James’ business associates Lebron’s “posse” in a recent interview. The word is considered to be derogatory by some and I agree. Kudos to Lebron for calling out Jackson on that one. I’m sure Jackson considers himself an open minded diversified individual, but he really blew it on this one.

I’ve often said that social media like facebook and twitter has exposed the general public much more so than the media. I read this on facebook yesterday on Seattle beating the Patriots on Sunday night. “Well I guess that’s another Super bowl champion that the Patriots can’t beat!” Really? Did I miss it or didn’t the Patriots beat Seattle in the Super Bowl?

And the public talks about the media. WOW!