Jack Healey Blog November 14th, 2016

I went 1-2 on championship weekend and finished the season at 118-33.

I went with an upset , but wrong team. Thought it would be Otter Valley , but it was Bellows Falls.

No more talk of the Division 2 champ playing the Division 1 champ. Never for that anyway. All the pressure is on the D1 champ and D2 champ has nothing to lose. If you want to win the D1 championship play in D1 all season.

Patriots lost, but relax they are 7-2. Gotta score with four cracks from the 2 at the end, but it’s about the defense , it’s about the defense!

Seattle won the game so it’s a moot point, but a blunder by Seattle coach Pete Carroll again! You have a 7 point lead and a point after makes it an 8 point lead. Carroll goes for 2 to make it  a 9 point lead and Seattle misses it. An extra point means the other team has to get the 2 point conversion. Stupid decision by Carroll , but he got away with it this time.