Jack Healey Blog March 29th, 2017

Big win for the Bruins as they battle for a playoff spot. I think the Bruins have a much better chance than the Celtics to win a championship. It tells you the difference between the NHL and the NBA. The Bruins would be an 8th seed and I give them a better chance than the Celtics who could be either a #1 seed or a #2 seed. Does anybody really think the Celtics will beat Cleveland? They might be eliminated before they play Cleveland.

I saw comments from Golden State’s Draymond Green about the Oakland Raiders leaving for Las Vegas. He was talking about the Raiders being one of the iconic franchises and would be like the Celtics leaving Boston or the Lakers leaving Los Angeles. Draymond should realize that the Lakers started in Minneapolis and his own Warriors team started in Philadelphia. I do agree with him though that it’s a shame that the Raiders  will be leaving Oakland even though the Raiders have left Oakland before.